What do we do?

Efficient and Low-Cost Solutions

We assist in the implementation of an efficient, simple, and accessible system for wastewater treatment in coastal communities of Ecuador. We help find out solutions for pollution in their rivers.

Transformational Education

We work alongside the communes to raise awareness about the critical relationship that humans have with water and the urgent need to protect this vital resource from any form of pollution.


Environmental conservation can offer numerous opportunities in areas of high biodiversity. Here, sustainable tourism is not only viable but has the potential to be the economic cornerstone of the community.

Great News! 

We now have an Environmental Commission in La Entrada.

This milestone marks a significant achievement in ensuring the restoration and conservation of the river and sea in La Entrada, as well as the sustainability of the project for implementing a wastewater treatment system.

The formation of this environmental commission is crucial as it ensures the continuity of the project and the wastewater treatment system for the next 4 years. Since the communities annually elect their president and council board, this could jeopardize the project's continuity due to changes in focus. The creation of this environmental commission, with autonomy from the council board and the current presidency, ensures that the project continues without alterations, regardless of changes in local government, thus guaranteeing its continuity.

The commission consists of 7 members, each representing a neighborhood in the community. They will be responsible for continuous monitoring of the water basins to prevent clandestine discharges of contaminated water and waste into the river. Additionally, they will oversee the maintenance of the wastewater treatment system to be implemented in the community, transforming sewage into irrigation water for local gardens.

River and beach pollution from untreated wastewater in coastal communes of Ecuador
River and beach pollution from untreated wastewater in coastal communes of Ecuador

Why do we work? 

The coast of Ecuador is an area of incredible biodiversity, but its ecosystems are at risk. 

Its population growth and tourism development, without proper sanitary infrastructure, have jeopardized its environmental balance for the coming years.

There is already severe pollution, due to a chronic lack of wastewater treatment in the area, and the slow response from politicians to solve this problem demands urgent citizen intervention.

Who do we work for?

La Entrada Community. Pilot Project for wastewater treatment and environmental awareness
La Entrada Community. Pilot Project for wastewater treatment and environmental awareness

This is a Human-centered Environmental Project

We work alongside communities on the coast of Ecuador that are already committed to making a change, transitioning from being polluters to becoming Guardians of Water.

And our pilot project will be in the Comuna La Entrada, Santa Elena. 

How can I help?

Can't help financially? No problem! 

The desire to serve is built into our nature. If you're not currently dedicating your time to any cause in the world, perhaps now is your moment.

Contact us through our Instagram account @AguaSagrada.ec or via email at info@aguasagrada.ec, and you'll be invited to join the Friends of Agua Sagrada WhatsApp group. Here you can contribute with the time you choose to offer, and if a specific skill you possess is needed at any given moment, your work will be compensated.

Would you like to join our support network or stay updated on the progress of the project? 

Leave us your information so we can get in touch with you.

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