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Help us protect water and improve the life of the people of Rural Ecuador!

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You can assist by spreading our information and creating awareness.

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Agua Sagrada, the communities of Ecuador, and the Environment thank you for your time.

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We want to invited you to join the Support Network of Agua Sagrada WhatsApp group. Here you can contribute with the time you choose to offer, and if a specific skill you possess is needed at any given moment, your work will be compensated.

1. If I want to establish a monthly donation, what should I do?

We are working on establishing an automated system. In the meantime, you can fill out the form and let us know.

2. What will be the money used for?

In building tanks for the water treatment system, in Workshops with the Community to ensure that they are the Guardians of their Rivers. We try to keep our Administrative costs as low as possible to be able to help more Comunas.

3. Will you find other forms of financing?

Absolutely. In our plans we have Foundations, Governments and Institutions who support water projects. This crowdfunding campaign was meant to start working and be able to show what we can do.

Also, we plan a form of financing through the sale of the water treatment systems to condos or hotels locally.

Your help is necessary to help more communities in Rural Ecuador become Guardians of Water!