About us

The group is as diverse as the cultural diversity of the Spondylus Route. Together we have a wealth of experience and management skills that can be very useful to the cause. We are united by the desire to serve with love, and the will to solve the problem of water pollution in the Spondylus Route.

Network Members

Riki Cevallos

Communicator, Entrepreneur, Cultural Activist and incurable Optimist. He believes that the world has hope and that humanity still has time to emerge and flourish. 

Titina Barreiro

Head of the Business Association of Montañita for 7 years. Resident in the area for 30 years, her business has been the top bar in town for 20 years.

Beatriz Aguirre

Master in Projects Management, Nature Activist and Surfer from Birth, Bea heads the Corriente a Favor NGO.

Anita Weir

Yoga teacher and model. She believes that living in balance is everyone's responsibility. And working as a community is an effective way to a positive change.

Paz Silva

A Geographer with a specialization in watershed protection, she wants to apply her knowledge to watershed protection in the area.

John Weir

Engineer with decades of experience in biological solutions. Member of MicroSynergies, Agua Sagrada's Tech Partner. 

Daniela Andrade

An environmental engineer by training, a nature lover, and an enthusiastic fighter for the conservation of Mother Earth.

Irene González

Nature & Animal Lover. Believes that the World can be transformed through creating awareness in people, one at a time.

Chuck Largin

Alchemist and biodynamic farmer. He moved his residence to Ecuador with the vision of establishing a healing center at the service of the people.

Ishai Eshed

Passionate about revolutionary technologies, and talented in the efficient use of materials. From Anyi Green School he manages a recycling project. 

Carlos Chiriboga

Constitutional attorney, idealistic fighter of just causes. Convinced that the law when well used can be of great service to the people.

Paul Malo

Expert in bio-construction and activist, he is the representative of Fundación Tierra Viva in the Spondylus Route. 

María Isabel Silva

Anthropologist, with wide experience in work with Rural Communities. The work done in Agua Blanca, a referent in Community-managed Tourism is attributed to her. 

Support Network Members

Joos Fleskens

Activist, enthusiast, and self-taught builder. Believes that change begins with individual action.

Chris Brokate

Activist for years in the USA. Since he moved to Ecuador, with his organization Yo amo mi playa, he has done a great job keeping Olón beach clean.

Kat Lee

Designer, she represents the NGO Tierra Nativa Alliance. She is firmly convinced that the management of the parts adds up to the whole.

César Masías

Chef, entrepreneur, and nature lover, he believes that the best way to positively affect the environment is through individual commitment.

Jan Smedmyr

Economist. He manages interesting social assistance and environmental remediation projects, with a circular economy approach.

Marie Charlotte

Passionate about conservation, she believes that the use of better efficiency criteria has a great impact on project execution.

Jonathan Borbor

He is a leader of the Olon commune with global projection, and with great environmental awareness and cultural strengthening.

Fernanda Solís

Local Entrepreneur, resident of the area for the last 20 years. Passionate about life, her mission is to serve with love, creativity and consciousness to help create a better World for everyone.

ABOUT THE STRUCTURE OF AGUA SAGRADA. Horizontal and participatory, based on principles of respect and reciprocity. Part of our strategy is the systematic rechanneling of the group's energy so as not to fall into ego disputes. With this, we seek that every day the commitment is to serve and to do things in the most efficient way possible.