Do you want to be our Ally?

We're looking for Environmental Groups Worldwide for Logistic Support to our Initiative.

Agua Sagrada is about to launch its Crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo. We are looking for NGOs Allies who can act as hosts of this initiative in your territories.

We have a small budget for paid social media promotion. But from Ecuador it is hard to know how to segment promotion in distant places, so we need your help with that!

If your organization has a CM, they can help us design the campaign in your territory. We'll pay for it, but your organization helps us make sure that we optimize that investment.

So the plan is to work with one Environmental Organization (either an NGO or a Community) in each territory, and stretch our promotion budget as much as possible!

Thanks for your support!

If you have questions please contact Riki at Whatsapp / Telegram +593999483051. Or fill out the form.


1. Will my NGO have any type of further commitment  by accepting this?

That is entirely up to you. Right now the type of help we require is specifically for engineering our Social Media Campaign in your territory. We believe that Union makes force, so if you want to continue with us in this Cruzade, we'd be happy to!

2. What benefit will my NGO get from this?

Well, basically the satisfaction to help a project that uses technology and personal empowerment of the local people to solve serious Water pollution problems. If your CM is freelance and you prefer that we pay them for doing this work, we are ok with that.

3. Will my NGO get credit for this good work?

Of course! Feel free to let us know how would your organization be featured in the project, and we'll be happy to share the credit!

4. How do I know if Agua Sagrada will not get me in trouble?

We are a group of Nature lovers who have usually busy, productive lives. We are doing this for our immense love for Mother Earth, so rest assured that we are serious people.

With your help we'll be able to optimize our resources and reach more people in  your Territory with our message!